Building Beautiful web sites that work.


KandeX builds beautiful web sites that work.


Can the user do what they came to your site to do? Can they do it quickly?

The essence of good design is simplicity and straightforward functionality. Not boring, but not complicated. Less is More. Yes, we want you to be happy, but we want visitors to your site to be really happy.

What makes good web design?

  • Clarity and Consistency.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Clear Communication.
  • Simple and Intuitive Navigation.
  • Pages that load quickly.
  • Reflective of Your Image/Brand.

The machine that goes "Beep!"

Bells and whistles are great, but do they advance your business? Do they help you get the job done or do they get in the way? Usually, they are a diversion. KandeX does its best to avoid them. We start the design process by asking who will use the site, and why, which means we avoid meaningless eye candy that hurts instead of helps your mission.

How KandeX works.

Step One: Discovery.
First thing we do is learn about you and your needs. This can be as simple as you telling us, or as more often is the case, it is an enlightening process for both of us. As you explain and we learn your business, new ideas emerge. Sometimes, they go flying! With so many possibilities out there, it is an exciting time! Thinking big, long range plannning, immediate needs. This is when we talk about all of these things.

Step Two: Functional Specification.
Once we decide on what we want to accomplish, we create a functional specificaton of the web site. This is a wireframe diagram of each page in the site from the users point of view. The user is someone visiting your site. What happens or can happen on every page is spelled out precisely. In this phase there is no talk of look or colors or anything "design." We concentrate on pure functionality.

Step Three: Design.
In this phase, we will start by creating 2 to 3 design directions. In doing this, we will take into account all designed pieces your company already uses. In many instances, your company has a logo, a color scheme, or in the case of large organizations, a very strict style guide to which all publications must adhere. In our designs, we will complement and add to what already exists. The design will look like you, not like us. From the 2 or 3 design directions, we work it over and narrow it down until we have the home page and lower level page template you like.

Step Four: Database Design.
In this phase, we design the database for the back end of the site. This can happen concurrently with step three, but must start after step two is completed.

Step Five: Implementation.
When all of the components are decided upon, it is time to build! Unlike the first three steps, we do not interact with you much during this phase. We keep you updated on our progress, but there is not a lot of collaborative back and forth between us.

Step Six: Testing.
After it is built, let's see if it is all it is supposed to be! We do our testing first, but it is not fully tested until we let you loose on it. Kick it, trick it, try to break it!

Step Seven: Launch!.
Once we determine it is ready for prime time, we make it live.