Building Beautiful web sites that work.


It is all about the process.


If your allegiance is to the process, and to the improvement of the process, your business will get leaner and meaner.

Increased efficiency and productivity comes from using the expertise you have attained through experience to create a system that lets you do your work. This involves creating a set of rules to organize a job, and keeping that job moving.

Having correct information at all times is crucial to the process. Proper Data Management enable smooth Work Flow.

Other factors in work flow and data management:

  • Inventory management.
  • Automatic event triggering
  • Transaction facilitating
  • Information gathering
  • Task assignment
  • Notifications
  • Email announcements
  • Account management
  • Content Management

You know your business, you know what you need to get the job done. And KandeX can help you realize those needs, and get them met. And we can do that keeping true to existing protocols dictated by your company.