Building Beautiful web sites that work.


KandeX is a small shop located in Los Angeles focusing on the design, development, and marketing of on-line company presences. We have earned a reputation for giving excellent customer service and delivering ongoing value to our clients. KandeX implements projects that measurably improve our customers' business productivity. Our singular goal is customer satisfaction, and customer's customer satisfaction.

KandeX was born in 2001 when Richard Graves was asked to do a project for Nestlé USA. This was perfect timing since the company he worked for as Director of Web Design had just perished in the dot com bust. Since then we have worked with clients very big and very small, and have been able to mesh with and improve upon their way of working on the web.

KandeX designs and builds simple, useable, and attractive interfaces that account for speed and accessibility using current web standards.

Here's what we focus on:

  • Interface Design - Designing and building web sites using web standards.
  • Web Site Redesign - Upgrading your site to a CSS-based layout, for faster pages and lower costs.
  • Systemization - Creating custom on line tools to streamline your company processes.
  • Blog hosting - Taking care of the technical stuff so you can concentrate on expressing yourself.
  • Adwords Advertising - Getting the audience looking for you in front of you.